Sunday, 5 January 2014

Right Lads and Lassies,
3 weeks today till Dungarvan '10', hope training is going well now, heads up on some of the training runs during the week,
Sat - Long run, not for the faint hearted as I found out yesterday, pace is a bit faster(7.30 - 7.40/ mile) but will bring any runner on in leaps and bounds.
Sun - Long run again, either you can run out to corrin and take in a couple of laps which include the driving range, great for building strength as hills everywhere or head out on the road taking in Castlelyons and Rathcormac.
Tue - Speedwork in Colemans @7pm, a must for every runner who wants to improve.
Thurs - Hill repeats, across from old Opel garage, again all runners should think about this session.
We will post a proper schedule on the blog in the next week when all days, times and sessions are finalised.

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